Communications a key for pharmacy success 

In our last article, we highlighted the importance of employing the right people and in turn how creating a strong workplace culture contributes heavily toward pharmacy success.

Establishing and maintaining the right culture is critical to the internal success of pharmacy, but there’s no use investing in quality staff and instilling the right values in your people if customers aren’t coming through the door.

This is where a good communications strategy plays an important role, helping your business stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace and targeting the appropriate demographics with the right marketing collateral.

Awareness creates demand

This is marketing 101 and it highlights the importance of having a solid
communications plan for your business. If consumers don’t know what it is that you do and what you represent, they won’t be aware of what it is that you offer.

Surprisingly, research indicates that Australian consumers have very little understanding of services available at their local pharmacy with many still under the perception that the job of a chemist is primarily to prepare and label up their medicine. This lack of understanding provides significant opportunity to educate your patients about what it is you can provide them well beyond their perceived ‘lick and stick’ understanding.

Developing and executing the right strategy

Developing the right local area marketing plan is the first step. It is important to understand the needs of your community and to ask yourself who your potential customers are and what you can offer them that other pharmacies can’t.

Drawing on a unique skill set that combines extensive pharmacy,  marketing and communications knowledge, Pharmacium can fulfil your local area marketing needs.

By taking a customised approach to each business, the Pharmacium team will discuss the marketing requirements best suited to your business and identify new opportunities to drive customer foot traffic.

Our services range from written content creation and professional graphic design services, right through to arranging printing and production using our trusted suppliers.

For a confidential, no obligation consultation to find out how we can help you improve your approach to local area marketing and get customers through the door call 03 9429 9244.