Creating an environment for pharmacy success

Over the past month, we have looked at the ways in which Staff, Operations and Communications each contribute to pharmacy success and in this final piece, we will be highlighting the importance of creating an environment that enables your business to reach its full potential.

As mentioned in the first of these four pieces, each of the four elements upon which Pharmacium has founded its business – Environment, Operation, Staff and Communications – are independently important, yet they are also intrinsically linked and pharmacy cannot succeed unless all four operate in harmony.

With this in mind, let’s look at why creating the right environment in your pharmacy can contribute towards business success.

What it is and why it’s important

When we talk about environment in the pharmacy space, we refer to the physical look, layout and design of your business space. The pharmacy environment must function intuitively, not only for your customers but for your staff too.

A clean, well presented pharmacy is inviting for customers and contributes to first impressions – an idea we explored last week. Within the first seven seconds of walking into a pharmacy, customers will form an idea about your business. The right environment is important in establishing positive customers impressions.

The right environment can make customer experience as simple and enjoyable as possible, increasing customer retention and helping your staff deliver on your business’ promise.

For staff, creating intuitive and well-designed work spaces is critical for maximising productivity and enhancing workflow. The importance of establishing the right environment and one that is fit for purpose cannot be understated – it’s not enough for it to just look good, it has to work!

How Pharmacium can help 

Pharmacium’s highly-experienced team can work with you to improve the workflow and efficiency of your pharmacy, no matter the size, shape or budget. Our design services range from small, bespoke workstation projects through to complete pharmacy re-designs and working drawings ready for tender.

Through our extensive experiences in pharmacy, dispensary and workflow design, we understand the daily challenges faced by pharmacies and can assist you to create the right environment to help your business succeed.

For a confidential, no obligation consultation and to learn more about how our design service can transform your business call 03 9429 9244.