Marta Stybowski Named Amongst AJP’s Top 12 Agenda Setters

We are pleased to announce Pharmacium general manager Marta Stybowski has been named in a list of top ‘agenda setters’ by the Australian Journal of Pharmacy.

Marta joins eleven other hardworking professionals on the list, which was compiled from votes casted by over 250 readers for who they think are best steering a path for the pharmaceutical profession.

This achievement is a reflection of the outstanding passion and dedication Marta shows every single day to improve the industry.

While Marta is grateful for this sign of recognition by the AJP, she knows it would not have been possible without the excellent work from the teams at both Pharmacium and parent company Willach Australia.

“I am very flattered to be in this list, which includes some of the best professionals in the industry,” Marta said.

“I humbly thank all the readers who voted for me, but this wouldn’t have been possible without the incredibly talented team that share my passion in the pharmacy industry and energise me every day.”

Willach Australia managing director John Koot is proud of Marta’s achievement, and said it is a “good sign of public recognition for an incredibly humble and selfless professional.”

“Marta is a highly passionate figure in the pharmaceutical industry, and is very deserving of this accolade,” John said.


“She does a lot of vital work that otherwise goes unnoticed in the public sphere, so it’s good to see her dedication is getting the recognition it deserves.

“The teams at Willach and Pharmacium are very proud of Marta’s achievement, and will keep up the good work under her guidance,” he said.

Published monthly, the Australian Journal of Pharmacy is the country’s leading pharmacy publication reporting on all issues relevant to pharmacists.

64 pharmacists in total were nominated by readers for the list, which was designed to identify those who are “showing the way forward for the profession … but doing so outside the political and business spotlight.”

Visit the AJP website to see the full list of pharmacy agenda setters.