Operating a successful pharmacy

There are many factors that contribute to the successful operation of a pharmacy business. In this article, we are looking at what steps pharmacy can put in place to maximise business potential and allow staff to flourish.

Who, What, How

The first element is having the right people. In our first article, we explored the notion of culture and again this idea surfaces when we talk about successfully operating a pharmacy. Employing staff who bring the right attitude can enable the best business outcomes.

Secondly, establishing the right roles and responsibilities for your staff is crucial. Having appropriately skilled staff performing suitable tasks can maximise results right across the business. From a management perspective, this means constant engagement with your staff to ensure they are working in an effective and efficient manner.

Finally, putting the right processes and procedures ultimately governs business outcomes and enables staff to operate at their full potential. Implementing changes such as refining the script process can make a big difference and this is where Pharmacium’s expertise can assist.


The ability to measure performance is critical to success within the pharmacy business. Establishing benchmarks enables greater visibility on operational performance and offers insight on the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and procedures.

From the perspective of a business owner, this provides quantifiable data on all the elements we have discussed above. Establishing business performance benchmarks, and highlighting gaps, provides the insight you need to unlock the full potential of your pharmacy.

Pharmacium offers an industry leading benchmarking service, developed specifically for pharmacies in partnership with pharmacy benchmarking experts.

Measuring key workflow elements, it provides a clear snapshot of your pharmacy operation and reveals important business improvement opportunities.

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