Creating a culture for pharmacy success

Over the coming month, we will be exploring the four key elements critical to retail pharmacy success: Staff, Communications, Operation and Environment.

These four elements form the foundation of Pharmacium’s business. While each is independently important, they are also intrinsically linked – one cannot function without the other and pharmacy cannot succeed unless all four operate in harmony.

The first of these elements we are exploring is Staff, and in turn the importance of creating a strong culture within your pharmacy.

It’s no secret that employing the right staff is one of the core fundamentals for success in any business, let alone pharmacy. Staff are the face of your business, who are everyday tasked with representing your company. They contribute to the perception of who you are, what your business is and the quality of the service the customer can expect.


What the research says

First impressions count – Within the first seven seconds of walking into a pharmacy, customers will form an idea about your business and staff are critical in forming this initial relationship with your customers.

Differentiating your business – over 80% of leading market executives said customer experience is going to be the number one source of competitor differentiation across all industries. Quality staff give your customers a reason to come to you and not go online or to a competitor.



Finding the right people

Australian businessman and speaker Tom O’Toole once said, “Hire for attitude, train for skills – culture and attitude is fundamental.”

Finding the right people is about choosing staff that will meet the expectations of customers, represent the right image of your company and provide a quality customer experience.

The question is often asked, “what if I train my staff and they leave?”

The more pertinent question though is, “what if I don’t train my staff and they stay?”

Investing in staff is critical and without this investment and training, there will be missed opportunities for your business.

To find out more about Pharmacium and how we can help you to maximise the potential of your staff and help you find the right people for your pharmacy call 03 9429 9244.